Stelmerch is a small trading outpost at the base of the trading trail goliaths use to transfer goods from the dwarven UnderCities. Trade is done in Stelmerch by merchant caravans travelling between Stelmerch and the city of Calari.

Stelmerch is high in elevation. The rocky hills around the outpost have sparse vegetation (some trees, bushes, etc). Snow usually does not fall this far down the mountain, but some colder years do see snow at the outpost.

Population: Around 50 humans and 30 goliaths live and work in Stelmerch. There are some small cabins and farms in the area.

Government: Not much of any. Stelmerch is considered a part of the kingdom of Greystone.

Defense: The city of Calari pays the salaries of a small regiment of trained soldiers to keep the peace and protect Stelmerch from any bandit raids or monster attacks. Most of the citizenry is also trained to protect themselves.

Inns/Taverns: Stelmerch is the home of one inn and tavern, Gretta’s.

Temples: A priest of Creare lives in a small building that is not much more than a two room shack.

Key Locations


  • Small inn and tavern owned by the goliath Gretta. Her husband built the place 15 years earlier. He was killed in a kobold attack 5 years ago.
  • The inn can accommodate about 20 humans, two to a room.
  • Sells basic travelling supplies: food, packs, rope, etc.
  • Gretta keeps up on all the latest gossip that passes through town. She’s happy to share it with anyone willing to pull up a chair and listen over a beverage.

Trail to the UnderCities

  • The trail leads up the mountain. Most do not go there. It is understood that no one is welcome within the UnderCities.
  • Goliaths looking for coin and supplies will push wagons of supplies up and down the trail as middlemen. They sell the supplies to merchants in Stelmerch and then deliver the money back to the UnderCities.


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