Calari is the primary trading city in the south west of Greystone. It is at the base of the mountains where the dwarves of Clan Steelhorn have established a trading city. The humans of Greystone do significant trade with the dwarves, procuring quality weapons and armor for the Greystone army.

Population: 7,500. A few hundred people live in farmland in the surrounding countryside, though the land is not very fertile.

Government: Though officially ruled by the nation of Greystone, and overseen by the governor who resided at Fort Prosember, the merchant council of Calari has a lot of power in running the day to day operations of the city. Not much can be accomplished without the consent of the council.

Defense: The town has a regiment of Greystone soldiers stationed as well as a small police force. Calari and Formel are both seen as low risk towns militarily (considering the Scar of the World), and so they are both generally garrisoned by rotating military units who are getting time off after being on the front. The merchant council also has hired various adventurers and mercenaries to protect the city and run errands for the council.

Inns: Calari contains a number of small to medium sized inns to accommodate traveling merchant supply caravans. The largest inn in Calari is the Silver Bottom (see Key Locations).

Taverns: Most are attached to inns. (names?)

Supplies: The town is successful and large, so there are plenty of merchants in the city to supply any type of non-magical item. Low level (1-5) magical items can be found with little difficulty as well if someone has the money. Higher level magical items can be acquired, but would require a much more in depth relationship with the town.

Temples: All cities in Greystone contain a church to the god Creare, and Calari is no different. Calari’s worship center to Creare is a large cathedral (see Key Locations). There are other smaller churches and temples to various good natured gods. Temples to demonic and evil gods are outlawed in Calari and many other cities in Greystone.

Key Locations

Merchant Council Headquarters

  • Located on the grounds of the city’s wealthiest merchant (and most powerful man), Captain Lance Quindol. Capt. Quindol was a Captain in the Greystone cavalry for 15 years and most famous for his troops’ successful rescue of the King’s son, Prince Cole, along with the Prince’s infantry regiment at the Battle of Rolling Hills near the south end of the Scar of the World.
    • Capt. Quindol is highly regarded in the region and by the King for his service. This allows him certain privileges in trade for the kingdom.
  • The Headquarters employs a private security force of ex-military, including soldiers, priests and wizards. Many served directly under Captain Quindol and are extremely loyal.
  • The grounds are well protected by a large wooden wall, 12 feet high.

City Hall

  • A small but functional building (considering the size of Calari)
  • Mayor’s office
  • City Clerk’s office – permits, city contracts, etc.
  • City Police and small jail
    • Small city police force. Most peace keeping and guarding of the town is done by the Merchant Council’s security force.

Cathedral to Creare


  • In the center of town with the north, south and east gate roads intersect.
  • Very large bazaar with any non-magical store imaginable (food, equipment, furniture, etc).
  • Some magic shops (lv 1-5)
  • Center of bazaar is populated by tents that are taken down on Sundays
  • Around the edges, local shop keepers who own or rent buildings put their wares outside their shops

Silver Bottom Inn

  • Largest inn in Calari
  • Contains the Shiny Mug Tavern
  • Actually two buildings containing rooms for rent
  • Owned by one of “The Seven” who’s home is near by the inn
  • Managed by Reginold Showletter
  • Very clean, upscale establishment

Homes of “The Seven”

  • Scattered around Calari
  • “The Seven” is comprised of the seven wealthiest merchants of Calari
    • Membership is determined by the value of a merchant’s estate
      • Smaller, growing businesses do not last long unless they are able to guard themselves from the seventh ranking member
      • Twice in 50 years has a merchant been successful in overtaking a sitting council member
        • Strangely, both times this occurred around the unexpected death of a sitting member.


East Gate

North Gate

South Gate

City Wall


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