Nead Flaexan



Born to a rich family in the area of Greystone Castle, wanting to avoid serving on the front lines of the war, Nead decided to join the Lyrandar Raincallers as her Duty to Country. She’s always had a soft spot for the small little creatures of the land and sees herself as a mother hen of sorts. Nead uses a spear as her weapon of choice since she’s not too keen on being covered in goo and muck and would much rather someone else handle that task. She believes the best life lived is to unify with those around you and give yourself completely to the cause. As part of the Raincallers, Nead fulfills her desire to protect the innocent and help the people and lands around her. She’s not beyond taking a little coin for her duties as everyone needs money to live. She sends word home from time to time to touch base with Mom, Dad, and older brother who’s serving on the front lines.

Being part of the Raincallers allows Nead access to the noble people in each town she visits due to her wealthy upbringing.

Her horse’s name is Clumulonimbus or “Nimbus” for short. He’s a brilliant white steed with a braided mane tied off with silver beads.

Nead Flaexan

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