Count Vicros Milner II

Count over North of the Scar


Count Vicros is royalty. He has been appointed by the king of Greystone to oversee the area of Greystone North of the Scar. This includes Calari, Formel, Stelmerch, Fort Prosember, and Fort Ordelfar as well as the surrounding countryside.

He resides in the keep at Fort Prosember with his wife and son. His job is mostly political. There are military leaders in the area that report to him on any security measures.

Travels the countryside when necessary, and semi-regularly takes trips to other major cities, including the capitol. When gone, his son Vicros III is left in charge of the court and any small kingdom business. Important matters are left for Vicros II to deal with upon his return.

He was saved by the Chicks in Chainmail during the Formel Rebellion.


He knows Nead Flaexan’s parents and would recognize Nead if he ran into her.

Count Vicros Milner II

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