Brega Smith

Dwarven "big sister" to Cassie


Brega was left at the doorstep of her adopted human parents as a baby. If her parents know anything of where she comes, they have never let on, though they raised her as one of their own.

Brega takes pride in her dwarven heritage, though she has never set foot in the UnderCities where her people live. The UnderCities are closed off to ousiders, and as she has no family, no clan, and therefore is treated as if she were not dwarf at all.

This has not stopped Brega from seeking out knowledge of her people. As children, Brega and her human sister Cassie would make up stories of what the UnderCities must be like and what it means to be a dwarf. As they have grown up and traveled the world, they continually update their stories and songs based on what they can learn from those willing to talk about dwarven culture.

Brega patiently waits for the day the UnderCities reopen their doors to the world so that she can finally seek out information on who she is and where she is from.

Brega Smith

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