Chicks in Chainmail - Adventure 2, Session 2

Day 5:
The “tuning fork” led the Chicks northwest. By mid-day, they came upon a small keep on the edge of the Scar of the World. From far off, Nead saw movement around the keep wall and Cassie and Hagressa heard the sound of dogs barking. The keep was an old fort that, while structurally sound, had seen better days.

The Chicks approached the fort and attempted to talk their way in. They told the guards at the wall (the gate of which was long destroyed) that they were travelling merchants looking for a place to stay. The guards were extremely abrasive and did not allow the Chicks entrance. Cassie made one last attempt and faked fainting. Several men, obviously bandits, came out to help. They brought water and helped “revive” Cassie, though they would not let the Chicks enter the keep. When the leader of the small group of guards began to walk away, the Chicks made a last ditch effort and followed him in as if they had been invited. This attempt also failed, and the guards attacked.



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