Chicks in Chainmail - Adventure 2, Session 1

Immediately after Winsla’s daughter, Carly, was kidnapped from the mansion…

Luckily, Winsla was able to help the Chicks track Carly. Performing a magical ritual, Winsla enchanted a rod of metal to “pull” its holder in the direction of her daughter. She was only able to create one enchanted “tuning fork” every 12 hours, and so the Chicks were sent off with the first rod while Winsla began enchanting again for more groups to follow behind.

During the time of the ritual, the group was able to prepare for the trip and buy necessary supplies. They spent some time gathering information from Winsla’s people as well as from townsfolk willing to talk. In the last several days, the military presence on the roads to the north of Calari had improved enough for local merchants and farmers to get in and out of Calari safely. Still, the roads further north, near Formel were still unsafe for travel. Bandits roamed the roads. Also, Count Vicros Milner II had not been seen since his trip to Formel. No word had come back as to his whereabouts nor condition.

The Chicks returned to Winsla’s mansion as Winsla completed her first ritual. She handed the small, newly enchanted item to Hagressa to hold. Hagressa at first felt nothing while holding the small piece of metal. Focusing on it, she began to feel a light tug from the item in her hand. Its direction was clear: North.

Day 1:
The group decided to follow the main road north out of Calari. The “tuning fork” continued to draw them north. Along the way, they were able to chat with various local farmers using the road to transport livestock and other goods in and out of Calari. No one had seen anything suspicious, nor had any seen a young girl being taken north. As dusk came, the Chicks setup camp and Ressa used the last daylight to search the surrounding area for any clues. Nothing was found, and the night was peaceful.

Day 2:
The ladies spent most of the day trying to cover as much ground as possible on the road. About midway through, Carly’s locator started to pull slightly west. By evening, Ressa noticed it was pulling fully Northwest, into the hills near the great canyon known as the Scar of the World. The group left the road and walked their mounts NW toward a small forest, getting there after dark and setting up camp along the forest edge. Through the night, a few of the Chicks notice strange noises around them, but they were left alone.

Day 3:
The Chicks picked up a narrow trail through the forest. It was slower going walking the horses, but they were able to make decent time. In the afternoon, they came upon two hooded people sitting on the trail. When the Chicks were close enough to notice the men were actually undead, one of the creatures spoke. “Trespassers are not allowed in his forest. Join his ranks.” Immediately, they were attacked by groups of undead animals. Undead squirrels fell from the trees while dogs and other small animals rushed the girls from several sides. They were no match for the Chicks, who quickly cut down the undead.
As they finished off the last, a giant, lumbering undead construct of flesh and rock came into the clearing with a halfling sitting upon its shoulder. The halfling’s screeching voice echoed among the trees. “You broke my toys! Get out, get out, get out!!” The Chicks did not take there chances, and fled the forest before the halfling and his monster could attack them.

Day 4:
The “tuning fork” and the path continued to lead the Chicks northwest up the hillside toward the Scar. As they came to a long abutment, they heard a series of yells and screams from the other side, out of view. Soon, hordes of goblins came running over the hill toward the Chicks. The goblins ran in all directions, and a small group of wolf riders barreled in toward them.

As the goblin wolf riders attacked, a swarm of giant ants came over the hill as well, killing and maiming any goblins in their path. A giant ant queen also hovered over the hill and commanded her hive. The ants continued through the goblins and after the Chicks. Hibiscus voted that the group not delay and jumped onto her horse to ride off and around the carnage. The rest of the ladies quickly followed. Several ants gave chase, but the horses were fast enough to outrun them, and soon those remaining ants turned away and back toward their queen. Only Hibiscus’ horse took minor injuries, which forced the Chicks to rest and tend to. The ant hive, after driving off or killing the goblin horde, headed back north. The Chicks made their way west and attempted to sneak by the hive. After a tense afternoon of dodging the insects, the group made camp in a copse of trees in the hills to the northwest.

Until next time…



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