Chicks in Chainmail - Adventure 1, Session 1

Trouble on the Road, Session 1

The Chicks find themselves in Stelmerch, a small trading outpost at the base of the trail that leads up to the dwarven UnderCities. While there, the girls pawn a few trinkets and bless a few homes for rain (no snow), and good fortune. Hagressa knows Gretta well, and Gretta allows the party to stay at her inn at a significant discount. Many nights are spent chatting up the locals (and making deals) at Gretta’s.

Most talk about the town is about the increased danger on the road down to Formel and Calari. Bandits and monsters are always a risk, but there had recently been a significant increase in the number of bandits on the road. Many caravans had been attacked and robbed. Those merchants that can afford it have increased the number of trained guard escorts.

The Chicks did not have much issue on the trip up the road to Stelmerch. They do not usually have issues since they are well equipped for a fight, not a typical merchant caravan, and somewhat well known in these parts.


  • While enjoying a night of drinking at Gretta’s, Gretta approaches Hagressa about a need she had stumbled upon.
    • A human merchant she had known for several years had stumbled into the trading outpost that day battered, frightened, and looking for help.
    • Gretta asks if the group would speak to him and possibly help out, since they are going back down the hill soon.
      • The merchant, Coby, tells the group his story
        • He had hired four ex-military (twice what he normally hires) to escort himself and three other men that work for him up and back to Stelmerch from Calari.
        • The presence of the guards seemed to keep the bandits at bay. They even witnessed a few off the road who did not come up and challenge their party.
        • Half way between Stelmerch and Formel, the group was confronted by a group of six bandits. They demanded 100gp for passage along the road. When Coby refused, his party was attacked. The guards fended off the attack well, even taking down a few of the bandits. Suddenly in the thick of battle, a barrage of arrows flew in from behind some trees off the road. The arrows struck and killed two of his men before he understood what was going on. When he watched the lead bandit strike down one of his guards, fear overtook him and he jumped on his horse and fled.
        • He has no clue what happened to the rest of his guards, and fully expected to be caught and murdered.
        • He barely escaped with his life and enough money to buy some armor, weapons and tools from the dwarves he hopes he can sell back in Calari.
        • He has no way to get back, and desperately needs help. He asks that the Chicks would slow down enough to let him tag along on their trip back down the hill. Upon arriving in Calari, he would pay them what he could and put in a good word with the Merchant Council of Calari, as he worked for the second ranked member of the Council.
          • The last time the Chicks were in Calari, they made a good bit of coin (since Calari is a pretty good sized city), but the Merchant Council had turned away their services completely.
    • Negotiations between Coby and the Chicks were rather heated. Since Coby was in such dire straights, and the journey seemed perilous, the Chicks made sure the escort would be worth their while.
      • Coby agreed to speak with his boss, who is the second ranked member of the Merchant Council in Calari. If he would not give work to the Chicks, Coby committed to hiring them himself in the future.
  • Day One:
    • The journey during the day down the hill toward Formel was uneventful. Coby is a jittery sort, after seeing his previous company killed.
    • During the night, while Nead was on watch, an ant the size of a large dog came wandering out of the brush near the camp. It scurried around and eventually made its way toward the light of the camp file.
      • Soon, more large ants came up to camp.
      • As Nead began waking up the rest of the party, a giant ant approached the camp. Standing over 6 feet tall and 12 feet long, it charged in through the trees and attacked the party. The rest of the ants took the lead of their larger companion.
      • The fighting was frantic.
        • Hagressa found herself suffering the brunt of the attack. The giant ant pressed Hagressa hard, forcing her to the ground with its mandibles and stomping at her.
        • Coby spent most of the battle whimpering and hiding, staying out of site of the hungry ants.
      • The Chicks eventually won the day, successfully protecting Coby, the mules and their own mounts.
    • After the battle, the dwarf, Brega listened to the wind and noticed a faint rumbling sound off into the distance from whence the ants had come.
      • Not wanting to meet the rest of the ant hill, the Chicks decided to pull up camp in the middle of the night and continue down the hill.
      • As they left camp, Hagressa, who had grown up in this area, noted she had never seen anything like this before. She had never even heard of a creature like this.
  • Day Two:
    • The Chicks continued their travels along the road on the second day.
      • Much of the morning was slow going. Sleep was sparse through the night, so rest was found in shifts along the road.
    • By midday, the Chicks came upon their first sign of other people along the road.
      • It was not difficult for the girls to determine that this group of men on the road were bandits looking for their first kill of the day.
    • The lead man of the group attempted to politely deal with the Chicks, but the ladies saw right through his charade.
    • He switched tactics in an attempt to intimidate the traveling group by brandishing a finely tailored whip that lit up in flame at his command.
    • Hibiscus, no stranger to rabble along the road, grew impatient of the game.
      • With a quick “I can play show and tell, too!” Hibiscus conjured a giant ball of fire to land behind the lead bandit, singing his backside. The Chicks and bandits quickly took to arms.
      • The battle was rather one sided, as the Chicks quickly took control of the field.
        • Hagressacalled out to the ground and a large thicket of shrubs rose up around the Chicks and their carts. The bandit archers struggled to find a clear shot as the Chicks cut down the bandits with precision.
        • Neadfound herself away from the battle and unable to get into the thick of it as she had planned, so she pulled out her repeating crossbow and fired round after round at the bandit leader.
          • It was a brilliant shower of crossbow bolts, yet Nead’s aim was off and the best she did was a glancing blow off the shoulder of the bandit.
    • After dispatching the bandits, the Chicks looked down the road to see they had been noticed by a larger group of bandits.
    • Coby yelled and cried for them to get off the road.
    • Hibiscus grabbed the magical whip from the dead bandit’s hand.
    • Cassie, who had been missing from the trip up to this point gave the team a wave from the woods and the group set off to hide…


Some additional notes:
while on the road and camping for the night – Nead is on watch and only feels the wind. Giant ants come out of nowhere and attack! After successfully defeating the ants, Brega gets the feeling that there may be a nest nearby. The Chicks decide to move down the road at night just in case. Good idea? Probably not, but luckily it went uneventfully.

The next morning as the Chicks are traveling – they happen upon some bandits. Big boss bandit whips out a flaming whip. Hibiscus asks if she can play show n’ tell also and brings out a giant flaming ball of fire! During this fight, Nead brings out her gatlin crossbo to hit the swordsman for a whole 1 damage. It was very dramatic for nothing. The Chicks eliminate the threat on the road only to find another threat quickly advancing. Hibiscus grabs the magical whip and the Chicks set off into the woods.

to be continued…


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